Better Facebook Event Pages

Because of the upcoming birthday of my brother Vincent I started thinking about a better way to manage a personal event than using the event functionalities on Facebook. The problem is that it is a super boring and standardized experience and the fact that everybody can see the invites and the official statuses of the guests (going, maybe, invited) takes away completely the thrill and mystery of a cool party.

So I need a tool where predefined individuals can inform themselves about place, time etc., create social flow and most important convey the feeling of exclusivity. I built it with PHP, some HTML, CSS and JS (supported by Boostrap) and a MySQL DB within two days.

I came up with a mysterious looking login dialog where you can enter a code given to you by the organizer or a friend (exclusivity). If you have the right code you can see the main page where you can see a the information (information). If the operator had defined that you can invite friends yourself, a certain number of sharing codes will appear as well (social flow). If one of these codes logs in a dialog will ask your friend for a name which will be used for the "guest list" (exclusivity N° 2 and anti-anonymity (a problem Facebook doesn't have)).
Some useful features which might get added in the future are: A standard theme for the main page, some basic CMS functionalities for the main page, a fully functional admin panel, some messaging capabilities and pubic (logged in users) list of guests which come definitely and might inspire the individual going to the party as well (for those who are really obsessed with the exclusivity aspect).

In the end it was inspired by the movie "The Social Network" and my own 16th birthday which wasn't a huge success partly because of the poor Facebook event handling.

The tool won't be used for the party it was built for. It just makes no sense for only 20 people between 15 and 16.

This project was accompanied by the following track:

Demo & Download