Designing pure Cuteness

Look at this picture for 5 seconds:

Tom the robot

It created a warm feeling, didn't it? Maybe you even smiled. It's nice that it made your day a little brighter. But I have to confront you with the brutal truth that this image is just a accumulation of plane pixels designed to make you feel that way.

No worries. If you experienced it like this your brain operates perfectly normal. Humans are programmed to feel attached to and protective of faces that have children-like properties (Kindchenschema).

I designed this robot for a game similar to Robot Karol which helps to teach the basic principles of programming to kids and teens. To help with the motivation part of teaching as well, it has to be a character students could relate with.

What's interesting that if you just make a few adjustments you're experience from horror movies kicks in and the effect is completely gone and even reversed to a point where you feel more like running than cuddling:

Tom creepy edition

The awesome YouTube channel VSauce explains this phenomenon known as The Uncanny Valley

download .blend file