The best way to author haskell yet

Editing haskell code is a pain in the ass.

The issue

There isn't a good IDE for haskell which can help you learn all the possibilities of the language by advising better solutions to a specific problem.
On the other side if you choose to use a text editor (Sublime) you'll write several lines of code just to get hilarious compiler errors like:

Could not deduce (b ~ a)
from the context (Eq a, Eq b)


Luckily github released its new, revolutionary text editor last week:

The solution

###**[Atom Text Editor]( + [Haskell IDE package](**

Just download the Editor from their website and install the packages following packages using File > Settings > + Install

  • language-haskell
  • haskell-ghc-mod
  • ide-haskell
  • autocomplete-haskell

The fast way:

$ apm install language-haskell haskell-ghc-mod ide-haskell autocomplete-haskell

Errors, Warnings and Best Practice Suggestions right where you need it

(are shown every time you save)

Know your signatures!

super handy

and autocomplete